Starting an Orchard or Farm Business in the Philippines

Philippines, being an agricultural country, is an ideal place for agricultural or farming business. Starting a farm or a fruit - bearing orchard in the Philippines is good if you want to get involve with farming.

How to start an orchard or farm business in the Philippines?

1) You need to find a good agricultural land. Finding a good farm land is necessary to have a good orchard. For example, a typical mango farm can ranges from 1 hectare to 100 of hectares. The typical price of a mango farm land (it depends on location - some could be cheaper and others are more expensive) is about 50 to 100 pesos per square meters.

2) Do a soil analysis. Make sure that the soil analysis show that the lot you are buying is good for the crop you need to start. Low-Cost Soil testing kit is available for the farmers. You can check out the department of Agriculture or Department of Science and Technology (DOST). This investment can give you a more accurate diagnosis of the suitability of soil you want to buy.

3) Do you have irrigation or water system? It is important to consider these things in purchasing a farm lot.

4) You also need to consider transportation of your goods. Is your farm accessible? Is the road to the market in good condition?

5) Get the best seeds for your farm business. It is advisable to get those crops locally since these crops are better adapted to the existing condition in the area.

6) Learn your business. Depending on what crops are you raising, you also need to equip yourself with the knowledge of running your farm business. Getting an agriculture degree is best but it would take years. Consider taking up short courses offered in the country. You can check "Go Negosyo" or "Gabay ni Ka Gerry" for short courses offered. You can also check DOST or UP Los Banos for short courses.

7) Do you know where to market your crops? Although agriculture is a basic commodity that people are consuming, it is important that you find buyers for your crops and farm products even before starting the business.

8) If you plan to buy an existing farm or orchard, it would be good to find professional appraiser to help you investigate your investment. If budget is a constraint, you can bring a friend who knows orchard business or farming.

Although agricultural business seems to be easy at the outside, there are tricks of the trade that you need to learn to succeed. A few of these things are getting rid of the plant pests, crop rotation, finding the right fertilizer and timing of planting and harvesting.


Anonymous said...

This is a nice post. I am considering starting my own orchard. Nice article!

Anonymous said...

I just started a pineapple farm in the Philippines and is now 4 months. My concern is the buyer, I have about 7 more months till I should see full growth. I don't know who I should sell it to.

Anonymous said...

where are you located at?